Any suggestions for a warm holiday to escape the cold

I’m from the UK and wish to escape the cold - is there anywhere nearbyish that would make a nice warm holiday/place to work remotely?


How warm do you need it to be? You can try Malta if you are not willing to travel far and having +15-ish degrees during the day is okay for you. Low cost airlines should have direct flights there. Cyprus is warmer now but it’s more far.

If by warm you mean swimming in the sea in January type of warm, you can go to the Carribean or to the Persian Gulf. Neither region is close but Gulf monarchies should be closer. Been there in January and it was +29.

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yeah I was considering Malta, but thought it maybe a bit boring - probably not so many people there right now. I decided on Valencia in the end even though I dont think its that warm there…

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All I can say is that Valencia is a good choice. Alicante is similar, but with less people. And maybe you could look for Marbella.

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