Any Suggestions? Twitter Has Me Reset PW, Then When I Start Actions Again Blocks Acct. Until Ph. Verify

I still think Twitter is worth it because on my main account I get OK traffic (if I work it for that day). I presently have 10 set up in MP. I just started with this whole having a bunch of accounts - since I see that one account will NEVER be enough.

I’ve been getting good followings (surprisingly!) on most ‘dummy’ accounts, but as soon as it gets good, Twitter says it suspects unusual activity, then has me verify - which email verification is fine, but not phone as I don’t have access to the phone number used (PVA). I’m not being aggressive AT ALL. I’m also trying to mix things up and even go and in and respond to people. So, my ‘relationship’ account, which I want to keep, is now asking me to change pw. after that, I know if I proceed with actions, it will likely block the account (as it did with my other two accounts).

I don’t want to lose this account (and start over, as that may look suspicious to those same people I will try to follow again - I am targeting people from like accounts), so I was wondering if anyone versed in Twitter would have a suggestion as to what I should do AFTER I verify? I have no links in my bio yet, I have not done any mentions, direct messages, etc. but, I am liking, retweeting & following/unfollowing (3 days unfollow, and I’m following VERY slowly). Well, please advise if you have any suggestions. I’m using 1 proxy per account, BTW. Thank you!

Since I know sharing is caring here, and do not want to just take without offering something in return (as best I can)…

A bit of a tip to all MP users, hashtags STILL work, and can bring in good traffic from Twitter, but you must get retweets and shares - whether ‘fake’ or not to try to boost you to the top for certain key hashtags.

This is from my real account, NOT any of the ‘dummy’ accounts. Also, do not use hashtags for the sake of using them, research them first to see if they are worth your time. For instance, I thought KUWTK (Keeping up with the Kardashians) was a good one, come to find out, no one really searches that one, and I had been using it for a while (so it was a waste), so I had to find out which they actually do look for if I did want a Kardashian hashtag (or whatever)…

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Twitter is on lockdown mode. Get a good SIM/Phone number and change them in the profile before doing any actions on them.

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@wortime - Yes, I think you may be right. I think I’m going to start with people numbers who I know do not use Twitter - like my mother:). This is ridiculous, but, I guess they’re doing what’s ‘best’ for their platform (as I say sarcastically) … Thanks, as usual for your input.

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You can have your number linked to multiple Twitters, I would just buy a junk Android off Craigslist and root it or use Memu/bluestacks etc. Your mom will get annoyed by having to constantly send you the verifications.

Build actions by favoriting. If you follow anyone these days, even with some aged accounts, it goes into full lockdown (at least for me).

I am testing some new accounts, oddly they seem to be able to follow a bit easier, if you can get them to work.

I follow all of the suggested people it says to, anyone suggested. So far I can do that but it’s only 2 weeks in and a bit early to tell.

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@wortime - OK, I have about 3 phones lying around here, so do you think I can get the sim cards from eBay or in the marketplace? You’re right, I don’t want to have that burden put on my mother (and others) being bothered by that constantly. Does the Bluestacks still work? What about I know some ppl used them (maybe that method faded into the sunset, however) …

I’ll take your advice and just start favoriting, etc. I actually was doing pretty good at Pinterest - just with my main account, but they changed their algorithm, just as all the platforms did (and eventually do).

I’m doing all of this to try to get traffic to my viral site. I gave up on SEO - which I used to know how to do until that game changed. All of this is one big game that you have to be prepared to play - no doubt. One account of each just was not cutting it. Well, I know hashtags have been working pretty good if I throw some likes at it, but, I don’t know how long that will last. I appreciate your info. and giving me something to work with.

I’m still pretty good at Pinterest, but have to get the accounts set up once I get past this - I can move on to that. Let me know if you need any help/info. there. I just sit trying to wrap my head around all of this, while also working, etc. I used to have a VA for 8 years (now, I wish I still had her!), and I’m reconsidering how to get her back … LOL:). Anyway, enough of my ramble … Thanks, again @wortime!

Don’t use text now.

You can easily get SIMs from the marketplace, or just try the old phones on a dynamic IP (coffee shop etc) to see if it works.

Look into SEO software, it’s cheap and produces pretty good results if regular SEO is not an option.[quote=“mcnative, post:5, topic:14014”]
'm still pretty good at Pinterest, but have to get the accounts set up once I get past this

Pinterest is on a tear right now and is banning/blocking lots of users.

I would buy old Twitter accounts, make them seem real, and then use them to push your Twitter Traffic. Same with Pinterest. The SEO software can be a bit much on it’s own from other sources, I am bout to test it and will let you know.

There are so many tricks with SEO, don;t limit yourself to just one or one that is labor intensive. Best of luck.


@wortime - Thanks so much for your time - I cannot tell you how much I appreciate it because It’s difficult staying the course while doing an abundance of other things. OK, I will check out the marketplace and pull out the ‘old’ phones and see what gives.

Yeah, all of this is a risk - that, I understand. I have tons of SEO software (and subscriptions to everything you can think of - though, I am about to get rid of some of my subscriptions which I do not use), but I’m just over it (SEO). I’ve lost COMPLETE interest in SEO because if Google wants to slap you, they slap you (I used to have a subscription to Brad Callen’s SEOlinkvine, and it was amazing, and when they slapped, they slapped big time!). I guess it is the same with the SMM, too. Do let me know how you make, though, as I would be curious and intrigued.

Thanks again for all your suggestions. Best of luck to you, too! I will let you know how I make out. My personal accounts are fine (I have someone else working those through Buffer), it’s just these ‘fake’ accounts. Ah, well, the show goes on! Keep me up to speed, please! I’ll get back to the grind on this VPS (that’s a WHOLE another story in itself!).