Any thoughts on

I know buying followers and likes causes to drop engagement but what if we desperately want to reach the 10K followers in order to get the link swipe function?

In this case, would it be that harmful?

What are your thoughts on Do you recommend another site to buy followers and such?

Thank you.

There are an infinite numbers of panels, most probably just reselling the same stuff. Go on and test a few based on your needs, they can provide different e followers.

Wow that is sooooo cheap :open_mouth:

I don’t think buying followers is the solution, your long-term commitment rate will decrease (unless you buy likes for each picture).

After seeing the price of the service, I wouldn’t go forward as I don’t know it, but it’s not quality accounts that will like your photos, it’s up to you to see if you want to play with Insta’s algo.

Otherwise you can consult the methods to improve his engagement on MPSocial :wink:

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some orders take ages, so make sure to test before ordering but it’s legit


I think it depends on the person’s objective, if it’s just to boost social proof then it makes a lot of sense but of course the best is to gain quality followers.

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Don’t buy followers. It’s a complete waste of time and money. You’ll never be able to monetize a bought following.

Post quality content. Find quality sources in your niche and engage with their followers.

Thank you. Sounds too risky.

if you’re searching swipe up option, you could manage instagram ads. you could do it also with 50 followers

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