Any tips for high quality TikTok account creation?

So In September 2019 i made a TikTok account and used it as a repost account. In a week or two i had gotten 5k followers & over 40k likes. I’m sure exactly what happened but i ended up making more two accounts and then suddenly my views dropped and i checked on the analytics and views were only coming from my followers. I posted consistently for a while to see if it helped and it didn’t.

Since then i have reinstalled the app, tried making new accounts, tried using a VPN but i post a video and it gets 0 - 2 views even with hashtags.

Now i am needed to use TikTok for a business but i know my videos are just going to get 0 views however it has been about a year since i tried posting so i am going to try and see how it goes. Any tips for making sure this account is as high quality as possible? Should i use the number linked to my main shadow banned account? Wifi or 4G? Private email address or gmail? Should i sign up on my PC or my phone that is shadow banned? Personal, pro, business account Etc.

before you post any videos you need to take 1 - 3 daysto just comments and like and follow … after that post and you will get views