Any tool to know all the viral post of a niche?

I want to know if there is any tool that can help to see all the pages that make great engagement on a specific niche i know i can do it manually with Instagram but i want to get the Maximum of it

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i think this website can do it

This one is only for searching 1 account he’s good btw but i want something that provide data of lots of account at once and show what is the new account that performed in a specific niche well day by day , viral post of a niche…

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If you tell me how you want to define a viral on account, then I’ll tell you if my tool does it.

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I want to know what are the post that got the most engagement with seeing the posts too whith the username… As it will help me on scraping good sources too

That’s how you can look for followers’ sources, theoretically, large accounts with good ER have nice content.


Can for example i go search a hashtag and i find the account tgat got for example less than 10k and managed to get like 100k view something like that so i can determine the content that have got great engagement even to small account

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What site is this?


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Nice share, thank you @jakim :slight_smile:

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Currently using IG Blade Pro, but this looks interesting.

Does it create white label reports or unlabeled reports for emailing clients?

Right on, @jakim

This is a very useful application indeed.

I’m going straight to that LVL2 link now goodbye.

Returning to the topic of virals, if we assume that this is a post that has a higher ER than the average for the account, then it cannot be done automatically in IGM from the browser level, but it can be done through the API.

A little off-topic :sunglasses:

Thanks @denis1
Thanks again @embraceone

Thanks @N00BBY

Everything that is public or goes to customers is not branded by IGM.

Public statistics look like this:

It can be a little customized


Send me your email at PW and I’ll send you a sample email report.

There is a lot about the system at level 2 thread.

Damn I want to be lvl 2 now too :frowning: