Any tools for creating unique text from spintax in bulk?

Hi, I am looking for such tool. I have been looking at Google without success for such tool. I believe that it will create more SEO-optimized description of products that I sell

Why are you using spintax for product descriptions? I don’t quite understand the reasoning there since every product should be unique? I don’t think a description for a necklace would be applicable to a chain saw?


If you just want to generate product descriptions, I highly recommend this tool -

It has been a lifesaver for me.

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Well, I sell in many marketplaces not just one. If i also post in social medias( instagram,fb,twitter,etc) then my posts will cannibalize each other as I hear that Google do not like duplicate content

That is not the kind of software i am looking for. Actually i think it is overpriced. I am just looking for something that can generate unique description for same item

Oh, I understand now. I assume you already have your product descriptions?

I’d imagine any article spinning software would accomplish this. Look at WordAI & see if it suits your needs. Best spinner I’ve used.


That is interesting software. Does it also works for Non-English Language??

I wonder if it worths the price I pay. What do you use it for?

Any free tool?

I’ve found with spinners, you really do get what you pay for. There may be free ones, but I suspect they’d give you shit results.

Spinning blog posts for my private blog network. It’s been worth every penny I’ve paid.

Emm You still haven’t answered one important question.

Do they work for Non-English Language (Bahasa Indonesia)?

We’re extremely excited to announce that in addition to supporting English, WordAi now supports spinning in French, Spanish, and Italian!

Damn, I guess there is none for Indonesian.

But on a positive note, that also means it is harder for Google, IG etc to detect spintax from Indonesia.

So, Do you have any idea of any free spintax software??

Not Spintax, per se… but you might try the old google translate trick.

Take your original text, translate it to another language & then back again (translate it twice, even!). May give you enough variation to be passable.


You should find Indonesian company to do that.

Hello friends, I need those type of spin tools for bulk updating. I am agreed with others that google don’t like duplicate writing. So small changes can make difference. My site is and trying to popular at bd for online shooing and online fashion.

You might want to check this