Any tutorial for emails scraping?

Hey guys , do we have any tutorial on this forum for emails scraping? Let me know please

You can do this with Scrape tools with Jarvee. To find it you need to go to social profiles, click on the account that you will use for scraping and go to the Scrape Tools tab. From there you can check option to scrape additional user details and check the option Also extract public email, phone and address.

how do you extract scraped accounts to excel in a good format? i tried to scrape emails, but i get many wonrds in one line, no separate information like 1. email, 2. username, 2. followers count etc… i mean how do you format excel?

Go in Settings > Software settings, uncheck this image.
Then set comma as the list separator.


still getting same error

seems like i was able to fix it .

another question, how do i make it so i can scrape just few things: username and email? not other details like biography, followers count, followings count and etc?

hello I need to scrap 5m fl instagram account ! :-?

I think you can’t achieve that. You can only scrape with other details as well.

Just scrape all of them and delete the ones you don’t need. Don’t worry about extra API calls because Since you can see this information on the profile directly Jarvee doesn’t need extra API calls.

it’s currently not possible to do that. You can send them a feature request. maybe they will add options to choose what information to scrape if a lot of people request for it.

I’m glad that you were able to find a way to do this :slight_smile: @ossi gave you a good suggestion for a feature request :slight_smile:

this one might help