Any videos or articles on how to set up scrapers?

Hey guys,

Finally got my proxies and my accounts set up.

Is there any up to date and good articles on how to set up scrapers to both follow and like for the main account?

Its all very confusing to a newbie:/

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Welcome to the family. A lot of users here are helping each other out. So don’t be shy to ask.

You can check this article on how to set up scrapers using the tagname method: Instagram - How To Set Scrapers Using Tagname Accounts - Jarvee.

After you add scraper accounts and verify them you need to go in Social Profiles tab, click on your scraper account, and tag the account as ‘scraper’, do these steps to each scraper account you have.

Then go in Settings > Social platfroms > instagram > general tab, check these three options. Add the same tagname ‘scraper’ for these three options.

When you use the tagname method, the tools on your scrapers are off.

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you can check these two as well: