Any way to check post engagement?

yo mpsocial
is there any way to check a single post engagement?
so i would know better what the best hashtags to use
and what kind of content to post more
if so i would like to know your ways thx alot

check out

Or setup Hootesuite with some free addons.


Well… what’s the budget.

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at this moment for this kind of actions i quess 0$
you suggest i should pay for this kind of tools?
do you have any experience with the paid tools (which one)
and what kind of difference did it make for you?
thx for your wisdom

Check ink361
Check squarelovin

see how you feel using the tools.

Never used them extensively because there is no point for me since I have too many accounts.
But the tools will help you to understand how your users interact with your media.