Any Web Devs Want to partner on a Company?

Hey All,

I have a couple new businesses I’m looking to vest a developer to be a part of. Our team has a track record of building successful brands and scaling tremendously fast. If anyone is or knows a talented dev looking for a new project, please reach out :slight_smile:

One is basically an for Thailand… and that ties into an outsourced work management software to handle payroll at scale along with activity tracking etc… which is what we built to scale our growth by hand system for IG to 300+ workers currently with 1% block/compromised rate - increasing by 10-20 new people daily with demand we cant keep up with.

There are a lot of possible directions to take the tech and IG growth is not where it will live… it’s more of a beta test for it and we can move into a much bigger/more sustainable market within medium-enterprise level clients and their sales teams.

Checking my inbox here Daily, I know there are some amazingly talented and smart people here, many of which helped and collaborated with me during tough times last year we all had to endure (thank you if you are reading this). Cheers guys and lets kick 2020’s ass :slight_smile:


If you need a full stack front end dev, I can recommend

I currently pay him on a monthly retainer and i’ve done a few projects with him so far and I’m very satisfied with his work. I don’t think he would do a partner deal, but his rates are very affordable if you’re from the USA like myself and hiring someone like Ivan, who lives in kazakhstan, to build your website.