Any website developers here?

Hi all,

I’m looking to get a website.

Itll be to sale products so it hmneeds to be a retail template. Easy to use desktop and mobile.

I will provide the domain name but I need someone to create it then I’ll be the one to upload content of all pics and text.

What are you costs please?


Whats your budget?
What features?
How many/What kinda pages?
Be more explicit.



Around £300-500.

Itll have features for online shopping.

I want to duplicate a website such as this.

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Look into Shopify it’s very easy to use and you coud do the shop on your own.

If you want go get a shop made for you plan in much more budget.

I’ve sent you a PM, i do web design

No design skill here… set up my own shop with Shopify in about a day. It is easy with a bunch of free themes. The only downside is there are no Wordpress options and tools, although there is generally a “Shopify” one.

PM me we have experience on web dev.

Hi, i have sent you a PM about your project. Thank you!

You’ll be better using a ready solution, like Shopify. Building a ecommerce from scratch is a big headache.

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trusting a professional is always the best solution, but if you don’t have the right budget try using a platform

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hey there i can make you a website just like this just Pm me