Any1 knows a VCC provider where you can top up via bank transfer?

I need a credit card for a certain purpose, but don’t really want to buy a real prepaid credit card, since it takes a lot of time and is annoying to get here in Austria, so I was wondering if there was any virtual credit card provider that allows to top up the VCCs via bank transfer? Because the ones that I’ve seen only allow to top up via credit card, which doesn’t solve the problem for me then obviously.

Okay, seems like I found some after all, these are my candidates:

Any1 has any experience with any of those?

I very very much like
It is a German bank. You can open an account online, and they gave me a free Mastercard and free Maestro card. Completely free. It comes with a real IBAN number so you can easily transfer money to the account, and spend your money with your (prepaid) credit card.

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VCC I use pay2d works great. If you deposit money from your bank acc last name must match with the last name in your pay2d acc details.

Or they cancel and send your money back.

Btw don’t know if it works in your country.