Anybody can help me pls

I forgott the password of my Facebook lol and the password of email but I linked my Facebook to my phone number . But the problem is when I try to reset my password it give me only the option to reset my password via email but no option to reset via phone number . Any one can help pls

What email provider do you use? Is it not possible to reset your email password first?

I had a similar issue. My Facebook was connected to 3 email accounts. I only had access to one of them. But for some reason whenever I wanted to reset my password, FB only gave me two options/two emails to reset password which I didn’t have access to. I had to contact Yahoo support first to get access to my account again.

You could try to reset your password on the email account, the same that @ossi did in his case. Or maybe you have some option to contact FB on the page where you get option to reset only through your email.