Anybody got a business ig account banned?

Headline says all - i just want to know if anybody of you got a business connected ig account banned so far :blush:

Unfortuantely, I can’t help you with this :smiley: Maybe others will be more helpful.

But I’m interested, are you just asking or you got the business account banned?

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@Adnan i just want to gather as much info as possible … :writing_hand:

nobody asked that before ? :smiley:

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I’d say all accounts get banned, I don’t think you can spam more and be fine if that’s what you’re asking :slight_smile: But who knows, let’s wait and get confirmation :smiley:

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Yeah thats right … but what happens to the connected fb business page than ? Very interrested if anybody here has experience with that scenario …
Maybe the guys who manages ig for companies…

I have 3 accounts (business) and have got banned (± 4 months ago) :smiley: No matter business or not, when you looks abuse IG rules, banned is the punishment.

@guntoroid damn … so could you tell us what happens then ? With your ig Account and the fanpage ?

Just IG search for Holr …they must have BrandonBerner making them accounts!

Your instagram account with business.account can get banned, yes. The facebook page linked to it will still be alive.

You can email them to unban that IG account. Hope you like taking selfies holding a paper


My business account was banned too
They want:
Please reply to this email with an attached digital copy of any of the following documents that match the information on the account:

-Local business license (issued by your city, county, state, etc.)
-Tax filing
-Certificate of Formation
-Articles of Incorporation
-Utility bill
Crazy as fuck!!!

Any luck recovering your account?

One of my business account got hacked too. I’m looking for references to see which of these documents should be better to supply.