Anybody making money list building with Instagram?

I am running around 100 accounts, most of them have a link that I use to send them to a landing page to collect leads. I get between 60 leads -110 leads per day in like 5 different niches. I am finding getting leads is not hard, getting anyone off Insta to buy anything is next to impossible even after running thru all my funnels. Anybody making some serious coin?
I built an emails list of over 20,000 people doing this method but barely making enough to even keep trying.

People usually do CPA on instagram and it seems to work really well, try this for example :

Yes i tried that with a cpa product that i thought had mass appeal with a few accounts i had over 40,000 followers each on. Ran it for like a month, made less than $40 with it. Very discouraged that I can get leads but make no sales on cpa or affiliate sites like Clickbank.

what cpa network you were using? cpa or ppi offers? i don’t know what to choose cpa offers and get them less but bigger or ppi offers and get a lot of them but low paying… Also was planning on promoting my niche and building email list to send people to amazon for example…

Well, it doesn’t really work like that, you might think the offer looks good but it might not. Unless you’re an expert at doing this you should try with 5-10 different offers in different niches and check the results. Even people that know what they’re doing do a lot of split testing before they pick an offer and scale everything up.

maxbounty. i found email submits to be the absolute worse. i guess young ppl, (most the ppl on insta) really guard their email addresses. Can’t blame them. I hear that you can’t really link directly from your link to the product, there must be a bridge page or pre sell page before they go there to make sales. I hear all the instructors talk about this as being key. Have really never built a bridge page. Anybody else doing this well?

@southhills I haven’t promoted much on IG, but I’ve run a lot of paid traffic to CPA offers. A high-quality landing page (or bridge page) that gives users a compelling reason to register or buy is almost always going to convert better than just sending them straight to the offer. That’s especially true for sweepstakes, giveaways etc where getting users to jump through an extra hoop (such as a survey LP) makes them much more likely to sign-up, because they feel they’ve earned it and it’s not too good to be true. I used to always split test direct linking Vs landing pages, but pretty much stopped bothering after a while because the landing page always converts best.

The only exception in my experience was browser and app gaming offers. I could never get a landing page to convert higher than direct linking - not sure why.

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@Alex when you say landing page, you mean you are sending them to a landing page where you colllect their email address? that is what a landing page or capture page is. if you are doing that, you then use the thank you page to send them to the cpa offer?

No by landing page I just mean a bridge page (in the affiliate world most people call these landing pages).

You can use an opt-in page to collect emails and then redirect to the offer, but you’ve got to have decent copy on your emails and build a relationship with subscribers if you want to make sales. I think that’s something many people recommending list building overlook.

Op you should check out Foundr account, the revenue comes from list building, do a little research on instagram domination. Course by foundr, you’d see all their strategies outlined

yes i do list build, i get about 70 subs a day, can’t really make any money from it though. i have checked out foundr but they are promoting their own product not doing affiliate marketing.

I do. It takes about a month to collect the 12 to 15 fields needed for submission to high paying lead offers that I run. I’m testing Clearbit currently to see how much it speeds up the process. Over the last few months, I’ve ramped down my paid lead generation efforts.

Sounds interesting, care to share what you can about this idea? I am sure there are a lot of people interested in finding out how to do it.