Anyone able to assist with instagram verification?

Are you able to help with verification of an Instagram account?

Looking to get a couple pages verified. The three pages are:

  1. Personal profile of ex-college football player who also trained with Team USA (already has over 10,000 organic followers)

  2. Health and fitness product business profile (2,000 followers)

  3. Womens fashion business with over 20,000 followers

If this is something you can help with, let me know!

Welcome to the forum @Velvetgold :slight_smile: I don’t have specific info about this, but maybe this can help, you can see here how to apply and what are the requirements -

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Yes I can - I run a PR company - can also help with Tiktok and FB verifications too

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How much does the Instagram verification service cost?

It depends if you have press already

Generally a very strong budget is required and you need to be a public figure

PM me please, Alex