Anyone able to create Instagram accounts in JV?

I’ve been having problems creating Instagram account in Jarvee. I also try new proxies, open EB and fill out manually.
Instagram Seems to detect something, because after the “want to change account name” page, where I click next, it just loops and nothing happens. After 10 minutes, I close the EB. Then, Reopen EB, if I try to login, IG says no such email. If I try to create new, tells me email already in use.
Anyone else having these problems?

I think that you should contact their support for this, they will have more information for sure and they will know if somebody else reported this.

Try appealing the account, you will get it back instantly.
But yeah, using JV to create accounts is not a good idea - Account creation is kind of an art that’s why people charge for it :slight_smile:

Real devices > emulator
App > browser
IP ranges clean of (too many) automation users > normal proxy ranges


Have you tried creating with Email or with Phone number? I’ve heard that some people had problems while creating with Emails and that only creating with Phone numbers worked for them.

Alot has changed. IG has put alot of pressure on bulk account creation. It’s not easy anymore like it once was… and usually even if you are able to create them, you’ll have left behind some fingerprint.

There are a few suppliers that know how to create good accounts, the rest you’ll get all types of EV/PV/Review on the accounts. Best accounts you can use will be made from 4g, and created in the actual IG app. Creating accounts in the browser is already starting tou out with a negative trustscore.

Interesting things here! thanks guys
F*****g PV loop killed most of my accounts so I’m about to create backup pages for my main accounts.
I’ll do it on a phone, keep accounts in private mode with same phone number as main ones.
I will drive people to it from the main accounts (i.e. in bio)
Backup pages will not do automated actions except repost from main
Will these backup pages be at risk if I put them on DC proxies and do these reposts? (no other automation. repost & post only)

I think so, it’s best to repost manually on your backup accounts. Ig doesn’t like DC proxies, plus there’s still a chance you will get action blocked when posting automatically.

I will try 3 different ways of account creation and check if one of the 3 works properly on DC proxy
Hope it will otherwise my backup approach will not be profitable :sweat_smile: