Anyone bought Instagram University 3.0?

I am thinking about purchasing Niklas Pedde’s Instagram University, and I was wondering if anyone has purchased it? I have two accounts, one extreme sport account with 2k and a luxury account with 1.5k (both which I’ve only had for around 2 weeks) would I get any good results?


What? $7 course? :open_mouth:
Would anyone in the EARTH teach me to make $1000 for $7?
Then I’m already a Billionaire. Bro a Billionaire is replying to your thread! WTF :crazy_face: :crazy_face:

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hahaha. yeah it is really cheap. thats why idk if it can go wrong

ignore the guy, he is a scam artist. He fakes his lifestyle, showing off lambos and what not. Your typical b.s guru. He is clown who comments on his own posts from his other fake accounts.

@tux have you got any courses that you recommend?

yes!!!! you have here so much information! that actually those gurus come here to get the material to write their magic books :slight_smile: the search box is your guru here and we will help you anytime!


Amen to that, brother. Thanks gracias!

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LOL… I checked his website and it says 7$ a month. Maybe it´s for 10 years :joy:

Instagram Authority by Jarvee. Check it out:

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$7 a month?? I thought it was a one time payment!!

Me too! I just bought it today! Is it seriously gonna charge me $7 dollars per month??!!!