Anyone build accounts in order to sell them?

if so, can you give some details?
is it a good idea?

You should talk to @dma0245, based on his signature, he is into that field.

no. :wink:

We are not going to spoonfeed you:)

Did you read your other topic?

Now that I’ve seen some of the other posts by OP, I should have not brought you into this @dma0245. Apologies dude.

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well, i finally found a good source for ig and fb accounts.

No apologies! I am fine with it:)

I meant this topic where I answered his question.
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her question, not his question.

excuse me:) Will not make that mistake again;)

Unless you have a lot of experience with this, access to a lot of cheap/free very good proxies and a good tool to do it with, i’d say don’t try it. It’s a pain in the :bear: ( < sry, no “butt” icon it seems :smiley: , this is as close as I got ) . Even if everything is perfect you can still get inexperienced clients that don’t know how to use them and get them banned very fast and will be mad at you…

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can you share the love? :smiley:

What love? I have a topic somewhere here about selling accounts and how to. Cant find it, on mobile now.

Found it:

link dont work :confused:

it does for me