Anyone buying Tai Lopez's black friday sale for his courses?

Just curious if anyone is buying one of Tai’s courses? I’m on the edge of buying it.

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I wouldn’t touch that crap with a 10 foot pole covered in toilet water.


Yes, I’m going to buy it, print it out and throw it in my fireplace.

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The way I look at any course… they are probably not the latest version of wha they are doing. Are they still viable, probably. There is usually at least one good nugget in each course.

Maybe, but it’s more than likely something they took from an IM forum and then sold it packaged around hours of mindless rambling for an outrageous price.

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I try to be a glass half full type guy ! :sunglasses: @ian

My glass was dropped on the floor, stepped on by a parade of elephants and then incinerated by the fires of hell. And it was empty before all that.


Garbage. If you’re selling courses that means what you were doing isn’t working and so you’ll try and sell it to someone else to see if they can get it working. They are on to better things now that work and won’t tell you about them until it doesn’t work as good anymore. He makes millions off selling courses that most people will look at the first page and never do anything past that and he’s banking on you to not even try because you’ll find out that it really doesn’t work and if you complain he’ll say that’s because you aren’t doing it right.

Tai says he learned the stuffs spending 20 Millions of his own DOLLERS! Maybe 40 Millions if I am not wrong! What? :open_mouth:

He is scam guru :slight_smile:

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