Anyone doin POD sh*t + shopify?

anyone doin POD ? ive been testing shopify+ printful but the margins are so slim lol i cant even get them to 30% im around 20-25% and thats crap for all the work i put in printful really be scraping sellers im thinking of testing out printify they seem to have better rates and the quality isnt as bad whats your input ? im looking to do mugs/shirts/sweaters

try out some that are less known and you will surely have better margin since they will be looking to get sellers , printful… already have lot of users

While it looks easy in the beginning, sourcing your own products is much more viable in the long run. Are you doing only the marketing part or are you also involved in the designs?


im doing everything and its working out great but the profit margins are just wack but im testing a few suppliers and seems a little more promising

What keeps you from doing your own production? If the traffic source is stable there should not be so many risks.