Anyone doing twitter M/S in 2024?

Title says it.

If you do, ping me, I got something for you.

We are doing it quite high scale.

What are you trying to achieve, exactly?

I want to setup a M/S operation for a client

What’s the scope, for what results you’re aiming for?

To grow a twitter brand with real followers, get exposure from the right type of audience.

So ideally I’d like to setup accounts in a certain niche to drive traffic towards the main page.

I will not share publicly the specifics of what we do, but on your end you can try to create Twitter accounts and start running them slowly, doing the actions you want. Slowly, increase actions numbers - exactly like you would do on Instagram or any other platforms :wink: Make sure to do A/B/C tests with various actions, and write down your schedule. If accounts live more than 3 months, usually you are good to go!

Keep testing.