Anyone else have issues with Hidemynumbers?

For the past couple weeks HMK hasn’t worked at all for me (numbers won’t get fetched) and support is non-existant.

Searching the forums I see this seems to be something that happens every year or so but I wanted to confirm that it is a system wide issue and not that they’ve simply shut down me being able to use their service.

So if anyone else is experiencing similar issues (or not) please let me know.

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I also have been having the same issue. Have you switched to a different provider?

I’m thinking of using a different service which integrates with…

I am having the same problem with hidemynumbers…
They are just shit load of crap///
My money is struck there!! :rage:
I just wanna sue that site.

I switched to smspva …they’ve been pretty reliable although some of their countries never seem to get numbers from IG.

They’ll probably come back…searching the forums I’ve seen this seems to happen for a couple weeks annually. I’m still in a position to do a paypal refund though if it takes much longer so I might ultimately wind up doing that if need be.

how can u get a refund?

Just report to paypal the merchant isn’t supplying the services you paid for. It then falls on hidemynumbers to respond…if they do then you should get back online, if they don’t paypal defaults on your behalf and you get your money back

They’re scammers guys, if u need some alternatives, I’ve posted a list on here

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Cant access this thread!!
I m level 1

I would buy real sims. You can get them for very cheap in bulk and you have that number for ever or as long as you need it. Using different virtual numbers isnt good for the trust score of accounts. That often causes even more PVs. So in the end of the day you often get away cheaper with real sims.

Also take a look on your account creation process and try to improve it when you are creating them yourself. This can prevent a lot of PVs beforehand.