Anyone else not recieving ig mobile confirmation code?

hey anyone else not recieving codes at the moment ? ive tried google chrome and the EB

It’s normal… wait couple of hours before trying again.

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Is it safe to change mobile number on old ig accounts using edit profile ?

I prefer to do it from the EB… dunno why I have higher ban rate doing it from the API.

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A client lost a 5 years old account just because the a$$holes from IG set up the system which sends the codes sooo damn good that it fails. Tried appeal whatsoever without success .

Omg how many followers lost?

The account was small 3k and irrelevant what matters is that she invested years in it ( was more of a personal-business account )

There is an unbanning guide here on the forum from HC. Keep trying to appeal following the guide! :slight_smile:

I don’t get it though why the IG sms should matter with a suspended account

@HenryCooper has an Un banning service

Been two months since then, already tried the guide with no luck.
Anyhow i made her a new one from scratch.

Ah okay sorry :neutral_face:,

Do you run accounts or cpa?

still not receiving PV code, on EE. anyone else having the same issue?