Anyone else think its the EB that causes a lot of blocks?

I have often thought that the EB was very easy to detect as they are all basically the same. I am sure its quite easy for an FB bot to detect a common pattern. Previously I did bring up the whole copy/paste thing as definitely being something suspicious FB could detect. Copy/paste login plus copy/paste texts posts etc is a real giveaway. I know there is an experimental text writing system but I dont think it got finished. I read this week that FB etc use a keystroke tool that detects human keystrokes against robot ones. It measure time delays between the strokes etc and can detect bots. Copy and paste I am guessing has no keystrokes and its such a basic giveaway. I think the typing system needs to be up and running as soon as possible.

Am only using EB for following private groups. Since then… everything is fine.

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I use EB and API and never had problem after this " new" action blocks.

I do think FB find the browser an easy spot. Yesterday I created 15 new accounts with new private proxies. Profile pics are totally unique and never been seen before. Did some manual actions yesterday. Added a couple of friends and joined 1 group, all manually. Left accounts in sleep all night. Today I created campaign to post 6 random memes over 12 hours. The accounts started posting and I spotted they were getting blocked straightaway on the first post. 9 posted and 9 got blocked. 6 that didnt post didnt get blocked. Its constant now so its becoming pointless using automation.