Anyone facing this login problem?

I can’t login to my accounts anymore on the IG app.
(in the red saids: There is a problem with your request.

  • I can log in to the browers, but can’t do any dm’s or tag the companies I work with.
  • Tried every solution like: checking connection, deleted IG from iphone and reinstalled it, reset password.

The strange thing is that on another phone i can log in to my accounts, but I can’t on my own phone.
I use this account for my work, its a 1Milion+ account, so i can’t do my collab anymore.

I contacted Instagram and only get a pasword reset and it didn’t worked.
It’s all automatisation on there mail. they dont answer my questions or help me with a solution.

if anyone had this same problem or having a suggestion please let me know.
( I know buying an new phone ) but that’s not the best option.


Try to turn off Wi-Fi and login via mobile data!
This should work.


most possible that your device id has been blocked by instagram or its your connection

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You could always try uninstalling and reinstalling the app

Had this problem a few months ago. Changing the devide ID didn’t help. What worked for me is that I logged via mobile data and added 5 accounts. Its not an ideal solution since I was used to log up to 8 accounts on my device but its better than nothing I guess.

I think you got banned. One of accounts connected to my phone got banned and I got the same message when I try to log in any other account. That explains you being able to log in from another phone, Instagram bans your device ID or whatever. What I did is download Instagram Rocket or Instagram ++ (only works for iPhone) and I can log in via those apps and use it without problems.

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How many accounts do you have on that phone/app? How many other people have access to the account? You probably need to disassociate the account with a few phones/apps before you can log in via the app.

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yes i did, didn’t worked unfortunately

Thanks this was the only option that worked for me! It all happend when a 290K account from me was deleted by IG… then it automatically logged al my accounts out. thanks again Artie!