Anyone finding benefits with semi automation tools?

Anyone finding benefits with semi-automation tools??

I was thinking of finding an automation tool that can follow/unfollow, like, comment ppl in my niche(fitness), or hiring someone to do this for me,.

Want to know what you guys are finding or if it’s even worth it?

currently, I am posting x3 a day and gaining about 30 - 50 followers a day

I kinda want to speed this up.

Either you hire someone to do this for you or you use a bot.I would say hire someone.

Why? Because you don’t have to worry at all about the action blocks anytime as far as the handler knows the limits and everything.

You can use Jarvee to automate these actions on TikTok. With some testing, help from their support and information from the forum you will figure out what settings work for you :slight_smile:

Definitely wouldn’t pay somebody. There are many affordable bots like Jarvee and it’s not hard to setup.

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you can go for Jarvee, they have different tools that can help you automate the actions

F/U wont be effective for TikTok, if any, I suggest cross repost tool from IG/other Social Media to TikTok