Anyone got any links to buy decent facebook accounts?

I am looking to buy some facebook accounts but most of the places I try don’t have any decent reviews and people say they get blocked quite quickly. Any help would be appreciated.



so buying facebook accounts is way different than it use to be… the A.I. they have is insane now and now they see when they have multiple accounts coming from a single mobile phone and then they flag your account and make you do all these verifications and they are now going crazy on PC to verify and they use to not because they know that there is multiple people in families that use 1 computer and there could be 5-10+ people using this for facebook but they have caught on and they also detect when you are using a proxy and vps so buying those are pretty much pointless now in my opinion so buying facebook accounts is not worth it in my opinion, I have seen many many people run into nothing but problems

decent looking facebook account with activity,

Video views by manually
Friends adding by manually
Reading people post and giving reaction manually
profiled by manually
little chat history with manually

Accepting friends by Automated
Posting on wall by Automated
And all others are automated.

7 Years Aged accounts.

Let me know if you still looking it.

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