Anyone had this? I click send confirmation and it says oops error


i have many accounts have this problem,
does anyone know how to solved this problem
or how to aviod this problem

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You’re very vague what have you done, why are you there, what you think you did bad??

Maybe Instagram blocked your IP or Browser or mail?
We need more details

there are two sitations in these accounts
(1)jarvee show account need phone verification,but i login account with browser,it show need email verifications like the pic,these account i can use jarvee to verify the account via api
(2)jarvee show account need email verifications,also login account with browser,it show need email verifications like the pic too.but these account i can’t verify, it say oops error

these account just do follow actions,i don’t know,why there have so many account have these problem,i use 3-4 accounts on one residential proxy

I have an account with the same problem as you. After clicking Confirm, it has been blacked out for a long time, I can’t solve it.

Did you checked if mail isn’t banned or need verification?

i have check that email can login,not have any problem,
that means email can work well

i have more than 50 accounts have this problem,
maybe my account was flagged by instagram

Rest accounts 2/3 days, change devices ID, Proxy clean cookies and then try to login, rest again 3/4 days

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Try new proxy and change your email.
Maybe it will help you

can’t change email, i have tried, it can’t work

okay, i will try it,maybe my account was flagged,these account maybe was banned,and not work

I have the same problem. I tried to reset password, but it shows that account doesn’t exist. That means account is banned.
One of that accounts I reactivated using “account disabled form”.

So I think you should don’t waste your time for waiting, just send requests about reactivating. I do that.

Did it work or is it just a theory?

you get the account back?how should you do?

Yes, I did. I recover it like usual blocked account.

If they don’t worth something or just new I’d recommend you to forget about them and start with new ones

Yes it worked for me.
But you need to test this every account has his rest time

does it need you to provide more informations such as passport or Id card?
because i have more than 50+accunts have this problem

No, only my photos.

You can make them in photoshop if you need.