Anyone has luck getting the blue ✔️

Since Instagram made it possible to apply to verification, I wonder how many of you have had any joy and also wonder what you sent them.

I tried a few different things from a few different accounts including sending my passport and tax bills but no joy yet.

I tried for two clients but no luck. Beyond the initial picture of a drivers license sent in. I never heard back from Instagram.

Yep, we’ve done it for three clients now and they were applied within 24 hours for two and 48 hours for one.

Can you expand on the requirements to get verified?

Were the 2 clients actual celebs or athletes?

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I tried twice from my photography account that has 250K followers, 6% ER, and even a few impersonations. Some press too but only on photography websites, nothing major. Both times it was rejected within a week. The second time, next to the passport, I even added a list of the press I have as well as screenshots of the imposter accounts.
I want to say that they actually have no intention to verify any of us, but the truth is that two of my friends with similar profile than mine surprisingly got verified. Maybe it depends on the mood of the employee reviewing your case that day?
In any way, im looking for other ways to force myself into this elite circle now. Because lets face it, I know some people on this forum will tell you “content is king” or “focus on your engagement”, but the truth is that its a sad world we live in and the blue tick does make a difference of status… It’s my opinion…

@southoftheyarra can you help me with the badge i live in turkey

Sure - you can just do it in the app now.

It’s easy:

Less than 1% of accounts are accepted in app.

All of my notable clients were approved within a few days.

I think the issue is with people who aren’t notable - if there is no press on you then you won’t get the blue tick no matter how much you want it.

try to contact @Alex11 they will be able to help/guide you and see how it goes.

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Have you had experience in verifying accounts from non-English speaking countries? I asked someone who provides a verification service, and they say they only work with people who are from UK,US, and Europe.

Region and Language Doesn’t matter. The person should have a decent web presence. Good Press articles. Also, the press should be relatable. Dont buy cheap music press if your client is an Athlete, it becomes contradictory. Like That.

Agreed, there is no point to having a sport articles and press when you are a musician or vice versa the press should be coming from the related niche

Got my account verified from applying in the app. Tried a good amount of times since they introduced the option. Then one day it just worked.

did you do any other backend work? articles, press, and other stuff or not? how many followers do you currenty have?