Anyone have a website FORUM for traffic generation?


I have an entertainment website that I want to add a website forum to for traffic generation and SEO.
I know it is hard to have an active forum. Wondering if anyone had experience in this area?

I welcome your thoughts.
Thank you!


i had 1 year ago. It was in a very specific niche. it was taking so much time to moderate and getting active users… After that i started soc media for traffic and had much better result in much less time.


I’ve run forums before & the are a lot of fscking work!

For the amount of time needed to invest & build a quality community, if i were only interested in SEO I’d probably rather invest my time -

  • Using scrapebox to post comments on my new blog posts (fake it till you make it!)
  • Use all the accounts set up in MP to send social signals

Instead of a full blown forum, you might want to consider using some of the social integration tools that allow users to submit content, etc.

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What social integration tools would you suggest???
I’m using wordpress.

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