Anyone have engagement tips?

Anybody have any current methods of increasing engagement? Manually would also be preferred.

Thanks guys!

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Try going through your followers list and liking their recent posts.

When you post share it to your story and send it to 30 users via DMs from a separate account.

Research low competition high search hashtags.


Post engaging content & engage with others.

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If you have time, when you post, go to recent post of your niche. Take some users profile (target) like the most recents post + older one. Just to show them you take the time to browser their feed and show interest.
Most of them will check your profile back and engage with you.

Best way to increase engagement is to revalidate relationships with your followers. Interacting with them, like their content and using DM can help increase your rank on their “algorithm list” :slight_smile: This also helps bringing new people in the long-run as you’re more likely to appear on the explore page.


Try to post good content. You might get surprised!