Anyone have experience with this software? Is this a safe service or a scam?

Searching on internet i found this website: [link removed by Henry Cooper] that promise to send bulk DM without problems, i just want to know if i should trust this or avoid, cause i don’t see any policy or tos on their website.

Is there a reason you don’t want to give Jarvee a try?

I used Jarve in the past, a few months before the algorithm update of instagram, after the update i had continuosly block and trouble so i stopped using it.

what software are you referring to?

Things changed a lot, maybe give it a second try :slight_smile:

I will look into! Does it works without 4g proxy now?

A software i found on internet, the moderator deleted the link, i guess i cannot share it again! Basically was a website that promise to send bulk targeted DM!

You should always use proxies to make sure your operation is scalable.

Besides that, some residential IPs are flagged now with the recent changes.

Ok! Can i ask if there is any new guide about reccomended setting?

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There is no specific guide, but if you contact Jarvee support they will be willing to give you some suggestions to start. Not sure when you tried Jarvee last time, but in that past period they added contextual actions, full API emulation, use only EB option, automatic scraping through scrape accounts, API limits and delays, etc. Ask them for some recommendations to start with that :slight_smile: