Anyone have Gabriel St Germain Ecom Blueprint 2.0?

Would be appreciated if someone can link me or PM me his new course. Thankssss

I am also interested

I got a course of him (the case study with the body posture) but i dont know if i can post the link in here.

I already posted it yesterday in another topic.


Isn’t working :sweat_smile:

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PM me it please

part 1:
part 2:

I got the fist part!vTBGgQCK!AYKqljCfFKeRdWhA1wse5w

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@InfinityGram @frize
Can u try again to upload it pleas :pray:t5:

is this the updated course or old one?

May I know whether you have Ecom BluePrint 1.0? Thanks.

Thanks Infinitygram. You have been a great help.