Anyone have had an AD turn off by itself?

One of my FB ads keeps turning off after turning it on and I haven no idea why, the campaign and adset is always on but it seems the ad just turns itself off after a while and never delivers even when I toggle it on each time.

No but they turn on my theme selves all the time ducking Facebook

possible you reached your spend limit?

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Did you edit your ad?

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have you tried to contact FB support?

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Yup, made some adjustments and accidentally forced it back to learning phase, had to re-duplicate the ad to get the new one working

It usually happens, if you change something in the ad, FB team has to check it and give the OK.
Really glad you could solve it ^^

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Figured, sadly facebook team is pretty useless at times :frowning:

appreciate the suggestions and wish you all the best

Please check your audience targeting? I got same issue, I edited my audience targeting & ads start running.