Anyone have lists in the blogger or small company niche?

I own an influencer marketing agency where we represent around 200 influencers who have anywhere from 100k to 10M followers on IG. I am now running a giveaway (with a few on my influencers hosting it) where people pay to be on the follow list.

I have about 100 spots that need to be filled at $179 a piece.

I’m looking for someone who has lists of bloggers and/or small companies in which being on the follower list of this giveaway would be beneficial. Would love to chat about how we can partner with this.

That’s a long follow list if you ever hit that 100 sign up count…

It’s going to be a BIG *SS caption lol

I have over 5100 Instagram bloggers in my database. In terms of companies, you’d need to specify further what you’re looking for. Let’s chat further via direct message.

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It actually be listed in the caption. It will be follow everyone that @xyz is following