Anyone have the Instagram Domination 4.0 course? (Nathan Chan - Foundr)


Does anyone have access to the Instagram Domination 4.0 course by Nathan Chan (Foundr)? I want to see if it’s full of crap or not haha.


Would like to get it for myself too


If anyone has it I like to take a look at it please


It’s a course, so it will automatically suck, or at least don’t have anything interesting to see.


No response :frowning:


Nothing yet…bummer


Most of them yes. Especially in this forum courses get useless. @JackGagger


@Smylie said the Instagram Domination 4.0 was the best course here: Anyone have IG Bosses Course? (Josue Pena and Josh Forti)

I want to check it out


Here’s the only one you’ll ever need. Everything is well covered and free.

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