Anyone having problem with zero reach on their pages lately?



Recently I’m having problem with zero reach on my pages? (It started 2,3 days ago)

Anyone else having the same problem?

Never got any strike, copyright or anything like that.
Pages are totally clean and with good content.



What do you usually post on your pages?
links only? clickbait titles?


No, never posted any links on the pages I’m having zero reach. Only photos and videos.

Even when I go to the clickbait appeal link of Facebook, I don’t see any pages listed there.

A lot of people are having the same issue maybe it’s the new algorithm Facebook is implementing



Yeah, I’m having the same issue, I also did check if my page is banned or something but nope everything is OK.

And yet every time when I post I’m having reach between 1-3 people LOL :joy:

I mean is this even real?

PS Page is dedicated to Dogs, no spam, no click baits, etc…


May I ask for how many followers?


Lol, yes, I know

10 people reach on a page with 440k+ fans, lol


Yeap, exactly!

Did you manage to figure our why is so?


Nope, just people that had the same problem said that it lasted from 7days to 30days till the reach came back to normal