Anyone here experienced in selling dropship stores?

My girlfriend is selling her dropship store on the platform Exchange by Shopify, but the listing is buried on page eight. I’ve read a lot of negative stuff about Flippa.
Has anyone here sold any dropship stores? What are some good ways to bring potential buyers to view the listing?

I would be interested aswell. Currently using them as a portfolio for my website development mini-agency.

Wow. if a dropshipping store you’re trying to sell is getting buried under other dropshipping stores for sale just makes you realise how badly satured the dropshipping market is :joy:

I am working on it but not on shopify platform.
I can say IG is a good place to sell products, keep going bro.
And how to “bring potential buyers”, I will post it in another topic, It’s a big deal :smiley:

Its hard to sell Dropshipping stores nowdays!