Anyone here from/staying in India?

Hey all,

I’m considering going to India for a while, and I still wish to grow my accounts while I’m there… Hopefully some of you guys could help me out with my questions :slight_smile:

  1. I understand that as a foreigner it’s hard to get a local sim card, and it requires paperwork/passport identification and so, and it’s only valid for about 3 months. Is there a known way around it to get a bunch of long term local sim cards?
  2. What is your experience with creating accounts locally? Do you sense any IP issues? I generally use Memu while rotating the local 3G IP address to create accounts, so I wonder if anyone can share that this method is working for them as well in India :slight_smile:


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Why don’t you create everything you need from home and just use them when you get there :slight_smile: Not from India, maybe someone else knows about thisthough …

Technically you are right, but I prefer having the flexibility to explore more niches while I’m on the move… Thanks anyway :slight_smile:

did you change any settings in memu player to have it working with dongle ?

I am having hard time setting it up to work with dongle.

hey !!

i am from INDIA here are few little tips for you .


if you want local sim for long term , then please don’t go for paper work.

simply go to a local vendor who is selling sims on road side etc . ask him for help ( use a little social engineering here /) he will provide you a sim for around 2-3 $ with a forged document .

please note :- this is illegal but it is too common in market ( i never saw anyone having trouble because of this )

  1. my experience with creating account here :- use can use upto 7 accounts per ip with no issue BUT it depend on what you do with these account

  2. This tip will save you a lot money

if you are coming to INDIA you will surely love to visit different tourist places

but when You go to ticket counter you will amaze to see the price different for ticket for different people

ticket for indian student :- rs 10
ticket for india adult :- rs 100
ticket for foreigner student :- rs 25


so if you had a student card id from collage or university , take it with you

You will get discount in traveling etc with student id

please note i only tell you the average ticket price of tourist place for RAJASTHAN _ INDIA

it may very from state to state


Thanks for the pro tips, it helps a lot :slight_smile: