Anyone here have good Phone number verifiy for IG?

i have about 100 ig account run on real phone device.

these days, when the action block occur, i enter the “i’m not robot” for Enter Your Security Code, and then the ig ask the phone number to verify.

this is very difficult for me, because i use the pop email bind the ig account and not used the phone number.

i test google voice for phoen verify, but very bad the account is disable, about 5 ig account today.

so, any one have some good phone number verifiy service advice for ig?

I think even if you use “good” phone numbers, IG will still disable those accounts. I have the same issue on my accounts. I can’t recover them.

So I’m not the only one who was hit by the wave ~10hours ago.
I use real numbers, real phones, every account has it’s own dedicated sim.

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When I get double checkpoint recaptcha + phone verification usually it means Instagram already identified account as bot and it will die or will go under 24hours manual check, doesn’t matter what phone numbers I use. IG had this removed for few weeks but now it’s back.

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how much accounts do you run per proxy? What proxy? Judging by a post by you i read earlier i think it might have to do with that?

2-3 accs per proxy - tethering, but the wave came across many accounts never automated too. I guess they may connect the accounts by the data from the photos, if I used photos made on one phone they probably connect the metadata in one pool.

Mobile i assume? I wondered cause i believe you were asking about IPV6 adding more than 1 acc which would have been suicide

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It doesn’t really depend that much on proxies. I had this kind of issue for the last few days on various settings on different computers, proxies etc. You have to solve a captcha, but now, instead of just letting you go through after providing your mobile verification code, it puts the account for a manual review.

Proxy is one of the main reason it gets a captcha trigger imho. Account quality/creation is probably the second most important one. Settings dont really have much to do with it as much compared to the other 2. But that’s my observation

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IG did a big update recently, better to lower all your limit for a while and see how things are going


Wait so do you already have 100 accounts and you’re running them on 1 device? Or you want to create 100 accounts on 1 device?

Could be, although I’m using 4G proxies with stable aged accounts that had no issues whatsoever up until recently. Still again, there are only 5 accs I’m managing

the voip phone number , just like google voice don’t work for ig .

but i try use the real phone number, they are work for change number and got verify code.

so i want to chang to the real phone number.

i run only 1~3 acct per phone, and use 1 ip proxy at all.

And 90% time they disable those Captcha accs. Lost one today. :confused:
So people using 4G proxies are also losing accs due to Captcha.
What’s the main culprit for Captcha? Proxies or Voip numbers or Anything else?