Anyone here provide Facebook M/S services?

Looking for a specialist to help harness exposure via alternative means than just paying facebook for ads.

We will start soon with this service.

We are still working on the Strategie and Technical Stuff. But we want to be more efficient that Ads. :slight_smile: If we archive the goal to be more efficient that Ads we will offer this service.


Will you join groups and promo the main account?

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What are you trying to achieve with Facebook M/S? Can you explain more?

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What exactly do you to get the exposure though? Push the accounts into various groups or stuff? Message people using the slaves after requesting to be their friend? How is it all done and how similar is it to regular IG M/S?

I honestly have no idea yet, I just wanna know what’s available out there.

Well, same as anything. Amass more likes on the business page which should hopefully result in an increase in sales.

The Strategie is to big to explain it. We still try it Manually and make reports of the efficient.

But yes one of this is using Grp. Sorry i still don’t want to share the Strategie because i want to be the first and the are many Scanner and Prono promoter out there and i don’t want that this stupitios Companies use the same Strategie.

I just share my knowledge with special people that i know.


Could you DM me once you have this service up and running?

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Of Course. We are working on it that we can start with 300. That makes a big impact.

IMO, one of the big issues here is if you get your client’s main domain banned!

There are a lot of services that provide likes, views etc and very cheap but these do not build engagement!

What are the chances of that occurring?

When do you anticipate it to be ready?

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If you post more than 20 posts a day continuously to groups from your website very quickly!

I don’t think you can find anything more efficient than fb ads for fb :slight_smile:

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Ads suck the world and destroy companies and contra the only one that get rich is FB :wink:

So please dont sell Ads and if you dont make ROI form minimum 1:5 Ads make no sense and just FB, Google, etc win.

We are working on it that we are the only one that get the Proxies direkt form the real provider (for example AT&T) To be 100% Human form the Technical site. But we have to sign a Contract that we use this proxies just in legal stuff. So in the End we are just working with real serious Companys and Niches. No porn, Drugs, Scams or shit like this.

The Only stuff that im try to explain to JV and i hope the will fix soon the bigger Bug is that all this Platforms knows that JV is a Fake Google Chrome Browser. So you can have the best Technic and the best strategy but if JV dont fix the issue with the EB we will lose the game to 100%.

I said JV that i give them time to fix this Bug. If not we will make our own JV but just for us and our Customers. I love JV and the Team. The Support is great the project is big and complex this days. But JV makes in so small steps big mistakes and say that the issues came from Proxy but this is not every time the true. The true is we are humans fighting agains machines. Humans makes mistakes machines also but the can calculate so much more and faster that a Human.

And what im also missing of JV is real User interactions. The JV team think to much in code. A real user never Unfollow on the way like JV do. I dont no real user that enter in Browser the link of a user and Unfollow from there. A real user go to the Following list and Unfollow from there.

I try to help JV as many as possible to improve there service but i don’t have more the energy and time to make all time Screenshots, Share Log Files etc. I need for 1 Bug or Feature request like 30-1h hour Work.

So the are still many Steps in between. And we are also the only one that works with real unique human content.

If i see what other Cild Accounts that send mass pm´s are looking its logic that the Cild account are burned so fast because the get a lot of report of real user. Our Child accounts dont get Report because the looks 100% Human.

Also the PM Text is 100% Human and in Law. Many other Child accounts are sending PM´s that are illegal. Its illegal to send direkt offers via Social Media if the User dont ask for it. Special the indian people dont understand the law in Europe and US.

All the Bad Quality outside because try to be Cheep makes all the high Quality more difficult but not impossible. So this is why we just work with good big companies with hight Budget.

And we are allways honest to partners, and clients.

Have the Jarvee team confirmed this as a fixable bug?

I`m assuming you’re talking about the browser fingerprint!

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this is it. JV didn’t confirmed that as a Bug. But if i Compare real Private Google Chrome Browser and JV Chrome Browser all the result are Similar just that @ EB of JV cames the notification that the Fingerprint notice that this is not a real Chrome Browser.

My User Agent is Update every Day from real Windows 10 Chroms Browser.

So i hope JV will Confirm this issue and fix that.

JV say we have to use Mobile Android User Agent for YT, FB, LInkedIN, etc. but this is a shit solution and just a work around that will cause more issues because no real people are using Social Media on this way.

Im Talking all day with the Support and also with the CEO

If the cant Handle this Bug we will start to code our own JV. But just for our Agent and Clients.