Anyone here selling accounts?

does it ok to sell accounts here? im looking for one 20k+ for sale :open_mouth:
if not, pm where i can buy safely
ladies and gentlemen… petcobra

There’s a marketplace category on the forums. But I wouldn’t recommend buying an account. It’s tough to figure out for sure if the followers and likes on it are organic.

You’re better off growing a few on your own.


well yea i understand your point and its true,
but i want 20k+ account just to join 20k+ engagement clubs
and push my little one :slight_smile:


Is there a specific way to find engagement clubs?

Why not just buy followers on an account you already have? This is like the one scenario I feel as though that would be cost effective if its just to join engagement groups.


yes,buying acc is nt safe,will cost u more than buying followers.