Anyone here uses the $1.80 strategy?

If so, how does it work for you? Is it worth it?

Can anyone tell what is this 1.80$ startegy i m watching it for 1st time.

I’ve used similar engagement in the past on my main page, though not rigidly enough to call it the $1.80 strategy.

In short, it can help you gain real interaction but it depends on what you want it to achieve. I found it very time consuming, so don’t do it now that I grow from regular posting.

Combining it with likes, F/UF, and first comments on viral/influencer posts helped me gain more followers, but I think there’s also a generally positive effect on your account trust score and social authority.

I’ll probably do a smaller version in future when I get more time again.

EDIT: @Walter_grey, here you go Instagram for Business: $1.80 Strategy Will Grow Your Brand, Business

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yeah i think it worth a try, i personally never used it but I have friends that got great results from that so give it a try and see how it goes

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I’ve been using it to grow my local dumpling business. The weeks I’ve used it, we grow a solid portion of followers steadily and reliably. Works super well. Plus, it’s what got the most steady stream of customers for us too. Do it. It gets you involved in what your niche is posting about too.

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