Anyone here using Shoppy/Selly/Sellix to sell their products and services?

Looking to see whether anyone’s had experience with these platforms.

Had a Question too - Suppose if anyone is selling a Product on Shoppy/Selly/Sellix,Connecting their Paypal to it then can Paypal track the Store Address to know what they are selling?

I mean would Paypal block me if I have connected that to a store selling Services which are not in their Terms and Conditions,What would happen here?

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So my experience with Shoppy so far has been that practically all of my proceeds get put on hold. I get a pending status for literally everything, even a simple consultation call. It’s weird how EVERYTHING gets qualified as “high-risk” and I really doubt that it’s the case for thousands of marketing consultants who accept paypal as payment. They’re obviously aware that I’m operating in a grey area and are taking precautions.

However, I literally just found out from another member that Sellix doesn’t have that issue. They are supposedly partnered with paypal and are able to clear your funds instantly. The only crux is that they take a sizeable fee. If you buy the pro status, it’s like 2%. The only thing is that I’m not sure whether that accounts for the regular paypal processing fees. Cause if so, that means you’re losing out on about 5% - 7% of all your sales which is pretty goddamn ridiculous if you ask me.

Dealing with these payment gateways is just such a massive money hole these days.

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Shoppy is cheapest but a lot of people have issues with PayPal.

I have been using Selly for a few years and no issues so far. The way it works is that when you get a payment from Selly, you just get the whole sum without details. What I mean is that if you are selling, let’s say, accounts, Shoppy will show how many items were bought and at what price which makes it obvious. Selly just sends the money and order ID.

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Does that mean you’ve yet to have experienced any of your payments being put on hold in the years you’ve been operating on Selly? Also, what are their processing fees? How big of a cut do they take from each purchase?

Yup, no payments on hold. The only issue that happens about every 2 months is PayPal payments not being instant - I get the payment but the store still thinks that the order is pending. It releases the products in a few hours or you can manually approve the payment.

As for costs, these are the plans:

If you get paid in crypto, there are no fees. As for fees you need to pay after going above your monthly plan, they are all usually grouped into one payment at the end of the month. Sometimes the fee can be charged instantly after you get a payment.

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M using selly as well as shoppy for more than a year.
In selly everthing is going good and smooth on pending payments and nothing on hold as well as in shoppy but in shoppy paypal hold my recieved for a week but after that i will get my payment

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Which do you prefer more? Do you think it’s worth it to pay the extra fees to get access to the cash immediately?