Anyone in cpabuild? I can't brain it at all


Yo, any of you guys in cpabuild? I just joined (actually a long time ago) and had a hard time figuring what in the world is going on in there. I havent done a single thing for a month because its so complicated.

This week i tried to complete the challenge, and found out that their default content locker SUCKS ! I mean, why is it not even optimized despite it saying mobile version ?!

Needless to say, i just dont understand the hype around cpabuild. The traffic checked via alexa showing it has steady growth. I however don’t think many of the traffic come from affiliates but their locker uses the domain itself.

On the other hand, ogads supplies fresh new domain everytime. Plus their stats reporting are way more in-depth. They also promptly replied me in the panel whereas cpabuild never replies me at all via their built-in chat.

Furthermore cpabuild website consumes so much resources it crashes time to time.

I mean their payout could be reasonably high but their sites suck, so idk how i should react.


Check it on your phone :slight_smile:


Hmm, i havent had the need to use a phone while im developing for mobile optimized site.


Many content lockers only show the real mobile version on your phone . Chrome Inspect Element wont work on them .


Yep, same thing showing on my phone. I havent seen any site that does real mobile detection, its almost always user-agent detection.

Going to see what this non mobile optimized site does. Lets see if sucky design beats clean optimized design for conversion. :laughing:


Ogads for example doesn’t show the proper mobile version on Chrome Inspect Element afaik .


Sometimes sites use a separate mobile and desktop version of the site.
When I change to a mobile device in the Chrome dev tools I always reload the website after I changed. It works almost always because if they have a server side user agent checking reloading with the mobile user agent you switched to will force the server to respond with the mobile website.
So to sum up, it works fine if you reload the website after switching to a mobile device in Chrome.