Anyone into jailbreaking?


The UnCover jailbreak for iOS 12 just came out. Wondering if anyone here jailbreaks and if so any tweaks you recommend?
A must have for me is Rocket for Instagram! Also there are dozens of tweaks to really customize iOS and make it yours.

Ps let’s not start an iOS vs android pissing contest :laughing:


My question is why do you want to? In the past iOS sucked for features, now it is excellent. Also if jailbroken, security is compromised. I trust Cloud locks enough to only put my strongest accounts on it.


I can’t say that I’ve had any security issues in the almost ten years I’ve had jailbroken devices. 2 factor when I can use it and strong passwords seems to do the trick. I’ve only ever heard of potential security risks when people run cracked tweaks or apps, but becuase I do not I don’t fear it.


I don’t fear also. New system pretty much suits my needs for Instagram except for one thing and that thing is multi app programs that let you run many of the same app. iOS has a cloud number for each phone, each account to that number on Instagram. iOS also has a ‘higher trust’ as accounts with insta. Goodluck


do you have any more info on this, links possibly? id like to learn more, google wasnt very helpful just icloud tutorials no mention of ‘higher trust’. I’m intrigued


it is from stuff I read in the past and also from writing my own software for my accounts. It’s been awhile since I had to use JSON reads from accounts but if I remember each had a ios number. See, all my accounts at one time or another were on one of my apple devices – iphones/ipads/ and such all are linked to me. No biggie and logging in from new ios devices even located in different parts of the country never got a pv or ev. Remember, Insta was started just for iphones when it came out – the cloud is ‘built’ into the structure since its birth.


No root - no fun!
Can’t life with PrisonPhones.