Anyone is doing Affiliate Marketing?

Hello, i have instagram account in fitness and beauty niche , and i was wondering if anyone doing affiliate marketing out there or only cpa ? Because i have few questions .

  1. What is the best affiliate program to use ? ( right now i am only on amazon)
  2. When i setup a landing page, i gather emails from customers for example with a free diet program, and then i redirect them to a amazon offer , or just gather they emails and send them a offer ?
  3. Do you think i can make some money at least 300 bucks per month with 1k+ followers on instagram and good engagement ? :wink:

Since you’re in fitenss and health, I beleive MarketHealth or MoreNiche affiliate programs are what you’re looking for. There’s also some fitness/health offers on PeerFly, so if you already have an account there, check them out.

Getting them to subscribe to your list is good idea, redirecting them to Amazon is also good idea. Why not use both? First get their email, then redirect them to Amazon offer, later, send them offer for products from one of programs I mentioned above[quote=“Karolis_Piliponis, post:1, topic:7490”]
3. Do you think i can make some money at least 300 bucks per month with 1k+ followers on instagram and good engagement ? :wink:

I highly doubt you’ll be able to make anything with 1K+ followers, you’ll need a lot more.

Thank you :slight_smile: By the way, in what way you think i will start to earn money faster ? Cpa or Affiliate, and without spending money

CPA is definitely faster, but it’s short term. Depends what you’re looking for… Also, you’ll get nowhere with only one account if you’re going for CPA. You’ll need at least 10 in one niche.

Do i need spend money doing cpa method ? I already have bought MassPlanner , but it only can run 2 accounts i think …

Faster is most of the times shorter live, you get them fast but it won’t be for long and you’ll still constantly struggle. I’d suggest you go for long term, affiliate can be a very nice way of earning long term, keep it up and you will get there.

yes, the regular license can run 2 accounts of each, you get upgrade to premium or just get the +8, +15 or unlimited accounts module if you need more.

Thanks man :slight_smile: The thing is i really need money now … cuz i am broke :confused: and i’m really worried about that i need to build my instagram to atleast 20k followers first :confused:

You don’t, you can still drive traffic through ig, just have the link to your affiliate site in the bio. Promote some stuff that has a high chance of getting attention and your affiliate site definitely needs to have top notch content.

Amazon is good, but you should be aware of this:
If you are from the UK, for example, and I click on your affiliate link that takes me to, and I like your product but I am from the US so I buy it at, you WILL NOT get paid.


So, i have running 15 acc’s on random cpa offers from maxbounty, they are following other people nice, i get followbacks. But no clicks after pre-lander. Any ideas? It’s not a specific niche, just general email submits.

@mindeswx , @Karolis_Piliponis guys, if not talking in english use PMs they’re there for a reason and easy to use :wink:


Hey, if you empire this niche so you should join Clickbank network to promote digital product on these hot niche :smiley:

Offer free bonus, then promote after via email :slight_smile: