Anyone know Highest paid actor in Bollywood

Highest paid actor in Bollywood In your opinion? Give me the suggestion

Hey @Emmajan408, just did a simple google search and came up with the following list

Salman Khan (60 Crore), Aamir Khan (45 Crore), Akshay Kumar (40-45 Crore), Shah Rukh Khan (40 Crore), Hrithik Roshan (30-40 Crore), Ranbir Kapoor (30 Crore), Ajay Devgn (25 Crore), Amitabh Bachchan (20 Crore), Ranveer Singh (15 Crore), Saif Ali Khan (15 Crore)

Not an expert on this, but I hope this helps you

Depends on if your referring to who is the highest paid actor ever or yearly.

If it’s ever, I think it has to be Shaurkh Khan

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@ugreenchocolate fun fact, the hashtag #sharukhkhan is the most used hashtag on Instagram out of all male actors on the IMBD top 1000 actors list.

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