Anyone Know How To Convert Column To Delimited Data?

I am currently using to convert my Column Data to Delimited Data.

The problem with this website is that it will freeze or take a long time for it to convert. I am assuming this is their server, or a limitation in chrome. Its not my server since it has 256GB RAM and a very fast processor. When using this website, my ram and CPU do not even reach 5% usage.

Im looking for a solution to convert at a faster rate since its lowering productivity. I would assume a software would acheive this much faster.

Any ideas?

How about Excel?

You can build / get someone to build you a quick macro and just press a button and you are done.

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Sure why not! Thats great. Is anyone willing to create this for me? If so name your price :slight_smile:

Did you try to open the file using Notepad ++? and then find ; and replace it with , and click on replace all?

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Take a look at

Theres a 60 day trial, otherwise the VBA function is free

Btw, i don’t have any issues with browser converter at

At i can process 12800 just fine.


Don’t have the know-how to automate it into a macro but here’s the manual process: hashtag + , = hashtag, > concatenate + transpose = desired result.

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The column data looks like this:


There are no ; so I cant find and replace anything :frowning:

Thanks for trying to help! :smiley:

@BrandonBerner Maybe you can upload a sample file here to take a look at it :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’ll do it. Excel is very powerful and can do this for sure

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Brandon, I guess you have hashtags in a column and you want them coma separated for MP?
I do this in less then a minute using LibreOffice Calc. Here is how:

  1. Copy all hashtags from a column
  2. Paste special, choose option “transpose”
  3. Now you pasted all hashtags to horizontal cells. Choose “merge and center” click yes
  4. Now you have all hashtags in one cell, divided by 1 empty space.
  5. Choose Edit (from top left menu) then “find&replace”
  6. In find, choose empty space by pressing space
  7. In replace, choose , (in case you do not see it, it is coma)
  8. Now you have all hashtags coma separated (only first one does not have it, add it manually)


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Your a live saver! This worked instantly, and no need to install excess hardware or macro scripts :smiley:

I tried so many online converters, and never found this gem.

Thanks @dddd :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

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Thanks @MojoJojo @Said @benny @insomnijak for your help also!

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@BrandonBerner You need to buy @dddd coffee for life :joy:


If you still have some use for it, just let me know and I’ll send it.
It took just 10 minutes to complete.
Excel rules!

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Hahaha for sure! @DDDD Do you want a coffee? Send me your PayPal Email :smiley:

Sure why not :smiley:

If you post it publicly im sure others may benefit from it also.

Haha you are an Excel wizard :slight_smile:

I am always blown away with what excel can do.

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